Feb 27, 2022
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how to save a girdled tree

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Knowing what to do if your tree is girded can save it from a quick death. Although trees can be incredibly resilient, most cases of tree girdling cannot be overcome by them on their own.

We have gathered information about girdling, its causes, how to fix it, and when to call a professional.

What is Tree Girdling?

You need to understand what girdling means and what you are trying to repair to save your tree.

The bark is considered girdled when water and nutrients cannot flow between the tree’s canopy and roots via the xylem or phloem. The bark damage will cause a gap between the sources and the top. This is where you’ll be working to fix it by reconnecting the xylem or phloem.

There are many reasons for this condition. The following steps address girdling due to damaged or removed bark around a tree’s circumference.

How to Fix Girdled Trees

The following procedure can be used to restore water and nutrients to your roots if your tree has been damaged by bark.

1. Collect the scion wood. These “new growth” twigs are about thumb-size in size and approximately 2 to 3 inches long. Mark the top of the twigs for direction or flow.

2. Remove any bark or other debris from the wound. If necessary, use a sharp and clean blade.

3. Cut one side of the twigs to lie flat on the tree trunk.

4. Each end of the twigs should be cut into a wedge shape

5. You will need to make two parallel cuts in your bark, one above the other and one below.

6. Lift the flaps from the top and place the bridge underneath.

7. To preserve moisture and protect the connections between grafts, cover them with wax or a grafting material to seal them.

8. This process should be repeated every 3-4 inches around the damaged tree trunk.

The flow of nutrients can be restored if the trunk layers and bridges are joined. The tree can quickly decline if the bridges are damaged. A professional should be called to assess the tree and suggest an action plan.

Pros and cons of bridge grafting

Bridge grafting can be compared to bypass surgery but only for trees. This procedure is not always successful and certainly not appealing.

Bridge grafting is a way to restore the flow of nutrients and water within a tree. This allows you to reap the many benefits for years to come.

What causes tree girdling?

There are many different ways to wrap a tree. Before you make any decisions about treatments or actions, consider the following:

* Bark damage and removal (by animal or human activity) occur only around the trunk’s circumference.

* Extreme weather conditions result in the removal of bark from tree trunks.

* Lightning strikes can instantly evaporate moisture from the bark. These strikes can cause irreparable injury to the tree trunk.

Below the root flare, circling roots can wrap around the tree. These roots can become tighter as they grow and can cause a blockage in the flow of nutrients and water between the crowns and roots.

Climbing vines are another common cause. The pressure they exert on the tree trunk as they grow can cause them to wrap it. Learn more about climbing vines damaging trees. * Strings, ropes, and chains wrapped around tree trunks can eventually cause the tree to girdle. They will eventually become girdled by friction over long periods.

* A successful beetle infestation can cause severe damage to the plant. The beetles will bore through the bark and feed on the leaves and phloem, eventually leading to hydraulic failure via girdling.

* Verticillium wilt, a disease that causes girdling at the cellular level, can cause the tree’s vascular system to “clog up” and stop the flow of water and nutrients from its crown to the roots.

It is essential to call a professional tree service if you suspect girdling or hydrostatic failure. This could include removal or treatment.

Tree Girdling Repair

This article will explain what girdling is, how to fix it, what it causes, and when to call a professional tree service.

You can save a girdled or dying tree by immediately repairing and treating it.

If you leave girdled trees untreated, they will eventually die. The tree can fall in severe storms if its root plate becomes unstable.

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