Feb 26, 2022
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How to save mango tree from insects

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The satsuma (Citrus Reticulata) is a mandarin orange that has a high tolerance to cold temperatures. This tree is also hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant toughiness zones 8 to 11. It can also be planted well in pots. The satsuma is susceptible to pests as with all plants. Thrips are quick to destroy buds and leaves. You need persistence and the right insecticide to get rid of thrips.

  1. 1.Before you apply the insecticide, wear long sleeves, pants, and closed-toed footwear. Use gloves and protection. Spinosad is not toxic but it’s a good idea for your skin to be protected. You should wait until the leaves and stems are dry before you apply the spinosad. The product will not be effective against thrips if it is damp.
  2. 2.In a 5-gallon garden tank, add 3-4 gallons water and 1/2-1 teaspoon spinosad for every 1,000 square feet. Or the amount indicated on the label.
  3. 3.The sprayer should be aimed at the satsuma trees. Spray the solution on the bark and leaves of the tree to kill any eggs and adults.
  4. 4.Two weeks later, check your satsuma tree to see if there are any signs of live caterpillars. Spray the tree with fresh spinosad solution if you find any. You should spray the tree every two weeks to ensure that you don’t have any thrips.
  5. 5.Wait until spring to check for signs of thrips on the satsuma’s bark and leaves. Thrips eggs hatch in spring so if there are any, they will appear. Start spraying the tree with spinosad if you spot thrips.

There is danger around every corner when it comes to trees. These tree care tips by Jobe’s Organics will help you protect your trees from pests and broken branches. Proper tree maintenance can prevent pest infestations and protect trees from weather damage.

Good grooming

Maintain your trees well-trimmed. Regular pruning promotes light infiltration and healthy airflow. To prevent disease spread, clean pruning shears using rubbing alcohol. To prevent corrosion, oil shears should be used afterward. These “mummies,” which are dried-up fruit from last year, may have been contaminated. Dead leaves can spread disease by spreading their spores, so it is essential to burn fallen leaves before winter arrives.


To prevent branches from drying out and breaking off, it is essential to water them properly. Broken limbs can be unattractive and dangerous. They also increase the likelihood of disease and insect infestations. An anti-desiccant spray can be added to your watering regimen. This product is helpful for trees and shrubs that don’t absorb enough water from the ground, particularly in dry weather.

Wrap it Up

Weather can have a devastating effect on trees. Jobe’s TreeWraps keep your trees cool and allow air and water to flow. Tree wraps can also prevent sunscald, which is caused by the sun’s rays reflecting off snow and causing trunks to split. You don’t need to use insect repellent. Our wraps provide a natural barrier against insects, but protecting your trees is another way to prevent pest infestations. Another weapon against insects is oil. Dormant oils can be sprayed on fruit trees just before the buds kill insects and protect delicate shoots.

Jobe’s Organics offers the natural products that you need to care for your trees all year. High-quality tree wraps accessories are available to keep your trees in top shape. These tips will help your trees look great and keep them healthy.

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